We are a Latino-owned company based out of Wichita, Kansas. Our goal is to help local businesses of all sizes utilize and track their data to serve them, while breaking down the Spanish-English language barrier. We also help to develop software that will work well with current business methods and needs. We can optimize data entry, facilitate data collection, enhance decision making, create employee UIs and much more. But that's just where it begins. We want to help your business bring your own ideas to reality. Whether it's sending text alerts to your customers, tracking company expenditures or any other business solution - we are your partners.


Jesus G. Gallegos Founder

Jesus is a founding partner of Vizcaya Analytica. He is responsible for business development and the execution of strategic decisions that shape the company's identity. As a member of the leadership team at Vizcaya he strives to uphold the value of the person for all business conducted internally and externally with clients and partners. His goal is to always bring attention to the importance of human value when developing business strategies.

“If you do not plan for excellence, the results will always be subpar”